The Speakers at AseanEnergyStorage 2024

As the Annual ASEAN Solar+ Energy Storage Congress & Expo approaches, anticipation is building for the lineup of notable speakers who will grace the event’s stage. Five leading experts in the solar energy industry will share their insights and experiences to help attendees stay ahead of the curve. Let’s take a closer look at each of these speakers and what they will bring to the table.

Dr. Jane Wong, CTO of Solar Energy Solutions, will be speaking on “Innovations in Solar Energy Generation.” With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Dr. Wong has been at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting-edge solar technologies. She will discuss the latest innovations in solar energy generation, including new materials and advanced solar panel manufacturing techniques that are driving down costs and increasing efficiency. Furthermore she will speak about the largest energy storage system of Jurong Island:

Mark Johnson, CEO of Energy Storage Technologies, will speak on “The Future of Energy Storage.” Johnson has been a driving force in the energy storage industry for over a decade, and his company is known for its cutting-edge battery technology. In his speech, he will explore the future of energy storage, including new technologies and emerging trends that are changing the way we store and distribute energy.

Lina Chen, Chief Sustainability Officer of Green Energy Group, will be speaking on “Sustainability in the Energy Industry.” Chen has spent her career focused on sustainability, and her work has helped make Green Energy Group a leader in the field. She will discuss the importance of sustainability in the energy industry, including the need to reduce carbon emissions and the role of renewable energy in achieving this goal.

John Lee, Director of Energy Policy at Wind Power Industries, will be speaking on “The Role of Wind Power in the Energy Mix.” Lee has been at the forefront of developing wind energy policy and promoting the use of wind power in the energy mix. His speech will explore the role of wind power in the energy mix, including the potential for offshore wind farms and other emerging technologies.

Dr. David Chen, Founder and CEO of Energy Analytics, will be speaking on “Using Data Analytics to Optimize Energy Use.” Dr. Chen has spent his career working at the intersection of data analytics and energy, and his company is known for its innovative use of data to optimize energy use. He will discuss the latest advances in data analytics for the energy industry, including machine learning and predictive modeling.